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Leitrim Animal Welfare needs help TODAY to keep up with the demand for their services. The most important help that anyone can offer is to help raise funds. Christine and staff have their hands full looking after the 70 residents and also visiting the homes of people that would like to adopt a dog to check that it is suitable. They are running out of time in a day that starts at 6am and can finish as late as 10pm, when it's straight to bed and then it starts all over again in the morning. This work goes on seven days a week, 365 days a year. On Christmas Day they even cook a special meal for those dogs that are still with them! They live in hope that they will be able to cope with the number of dogs that will be abandoned on the roads or dumped at their gate under the cover of dark.

Sponsor A Kennel

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LAW plans to expand the number of kennels on site. They also plan to build a veterinary centre at the kennels which will enable the animals to have their treatments in comfort. You can sponsor the building of a kennel and have a plaque put over the door with your name or your company or school's name. We would be happy to let you know at the end of each year how many dogs you have helped.

Sponsor A Food Delivery

Here at Leitirm Animal Welfare our food bills are extremely high. Could you help us by logging onto Dog Food Direct and pledge 5 euros to our charity? For every 5 euros dogfooddirect receive our centre will receive a 5kg bag of dog food at no cost to us. Your help would be much appreciated

Making A Will

Leitrim Animal Welfare is getting an increasing number of calls from the Health Board and relatives of elderly people who, through illness and old age, can no longer look after their family pet. We obviously help as many people as possible, but the majority of dogs tend to be quite old themselves, and are un-rehomable. We do not have the answers, but ask you to spare a thought about the future of your pet and perhaps make provisions in advance.

The majority of people now know the importance of making a will, providing for loved ones and family, but sadly forget the family pet. So please instruct your solicitor to make provision for your faithful companion, or contact Leitrim Animal Welfare for further advice.

We have a perfect example at the moment. Leitrim Animal Welfare rescued a collie cross approximately one year ago, very neglected and suffering from mange. The mange was treated and her body weight brought up to normal. During this period of time the owner was found residing in a nursing home. We now take this dog on a regular basis to visit the owner and other residents of the home. We are now actively looking for a home for this dog local to the nursing home, so the future owners can carry on with regular visits and the dog can have a better quality of life.

Thanks to all our sponsors!

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