Leitrim Animal Welfare animal adoption form.

If you have not already done so, please read the adoption procedure page first before completing this form.

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Date and time of application: Monday 18th of December 2017 12:28 PM

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If yes, please state:



If rented is your home a council home or privately rented? /

* If your home is rented we will need a letter from your landlord confirming his agreement that you can keep a dog on the property. The same applies to council property.


If yes what size is this garden/yard?

Is the garden/yard secure and fully enclosed? /








Please Read The Following Carefully

You will be required to sign the following declaration upon successful adoption approval.

In consideration of adopting a dog/cat from Leitrim Animal Welfare there are certain conditions of adoption that must be met.

A Leitrim Animal Welfare member will call on you by prior arrangement to do a home check.

The following points will be considered:

  1. The suitability of your chosen dog/cat to your family circumstances.
  2. That you have a good all round knowledge of dog/cat care.
  3. The dog/cat must live indoors as part of the family, unless otherwise agreed with a member of the Leitrim Animal Welfare.
  4. That you have a securely fenced garden/area in which your dog/cat can play.


When the home check has been carried out successfully you will be ready to adopt your dog/cat. On collection of the dog/cat you will be required to sign an "Adoption Form", on which you will be asked to sign a declaration as follows:

I hereby undertake to:

  1. Not to part with possession of the dog/cat except to return it to the above Leitrim Animal Welfare by prior arrangement if for any reason I am unable to keep the dog/cat.
  2. Feed and house the dog/cat to Leitrim Animal Welfare\'s satisfaction. The dog/cat must live indoors as part of the family, unless otherwise agreed with a member of Leitrim Animal Welfare.
  3. Provide qualified veterinary treatment in cases of injury and sickness- please note Leitrim Animal Welfare Ltd are not responsible for payment of veterinary bills after the date of adoption of the dog/cat.
  4. Continue to have annual vaccinations carried out by a qualified Vet.
  5. Not use the animal for breeding purposes.
  6. Undertake to have the dog/cat neutered or spayed at the appropriate time if this has not already been done, unless there are overriding veterinary reasons why the operation should not be carried out.
  7. Ensure that my name and address is permanently engraved on a disc attached to the collar, to be worn at all times.
  8. Notify the Garda, Dog Warden and Leitrim Animal Welfare within 24 hours should the dog become lost or missing. Also to advertise on the local radio, in the local newspaper and put up notices.
  9. Permit an authorised member or official of Leitrim Animal Welfare to visit my premises from time to time to check that the dog is happily settled and to discuss any problems there may be regarding the dog.
  10. Exercise the dog regularly; not to chain the dog except where absolutely necessary when a running chain shall be used; not to leave the dog alone for extended periods of time.
  11. Allow the society to repossess the dog if, in Leitrim Animal Welfare\'s opinion, the terms of the contract are not being adhered to.
  12. I take full responsibility for any damage or injuries whatsoever, caused by the dog, under any circumstances, whilst in my care.
  13. Leitrim Animal Welfare retains all ownership rights to the animal after adoption.
  14. I am over 18 years of age.
  15. Donations received go towards the charity and are non-refundable.

In consideration of receiving from Leitrim Animal Welfare, one dog/cat of the following description:

Breed ------------------------------- Age ----------Sex--------------

Name ------------------------------- Colour -----------------------

Dog License No.  ----------------------------- County-------------------

The Leitrim Animal Welfare retains all ownership rights to the animal after adoption.


I am over 18 years of age.



In the presence of:----------------------------------- Date -----------------

NB. If you are unhappy with any of the above, or are unable to continue with the adoption please call our office on 071 9648300 to cancel.

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